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City of David

The place where it all began. We'll walk in the footsteps of kings & prophets through palaces & tunnels as we bring the Biblical text to life.

Jewish Quarter (classic tour)

Listen to the stones telling us their stories as we explore the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter.

Jewish Quarter the Discovery

Walk hand in hand with archaeologist Nahman Avigad inside his monumental excavation as he discovers the Jewish Quarter in the 1970's.

Western Wall Tunnels

Explore the covered areas of the Western Wall as we discover a 600 ton stone, 2000 year old market & so much more..


From the spectacular views to the dramatic struggle between the Jews and Romans, Masada offers a unique experience.


Experience the ins & outs of the Cave of the Patriarchs & travel the historical timeline of Hebron's Jewish settlement.

Synagogues & Secrets

Listen to Israel's ancient synagogues telling us their stories through beautiful mosaics, monumental arks & more (1500-2000 year old synagogues).


Discover this mystical city where what meets the naked eye is not necessarily the reality.

Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Enjoy the sounds & tastes of the city that never stops, along the way we'll create a city & create a state. 

Pioneers Part 1

Listen to the land's early pioneers tell their stories and how they shaped Israel's culture, with Rachel the poet & Chana Maizel.

Pioneers Part 2

Listen to the land's early pioneers tell their stories and how they shaped Israel's culture, with Ben Tzion Yisraeli & Simcha Blass.

Yad Vashem & Mt. Herzl

Visit the powerful monuments in Yad Vashem, the graves of the fallen soldiers & the Nation's Great on Mount Herzl.

Jerusalem Between the Wars

The dramas, falls, humor & triumph of Jerusalem in the trying years between the Independence War (1948) & the Six Day War (1967).

Temple Times Part 1, First Temple era

Fly through 400 years of dramatic events in the City of David, Tel Kaifa, Tel Dan, Tel Lachish & the Jewish Quarter.

Temple Times Part 2

Explore the controversial King Herod and his monumental building sites- the Temple Mount, Caesarea, Masada & Herodion.

Temple Times Part 3

Experience the years of the 'Great Rebellion' and the dramatic step by step events that led to the Roman destruction of the Second Temple.

Jerusalem of gold- the song & 6 day war that changed Israel

The song 'Jerusalem of Gold' captures our hearts & tells us a story. Through the lens of this beautiful song we'll capture the feelings of Israel's residents during the 1967 Six Day War. The fascinating poetic discourse that it created, and the key Jerusalem battles in which this song was on the soldiers lips.  


The Journey to Jerusalem, an Experience of a Lifetime.

Come join me on an adventurous journey to Jerusalem. We'll walk hand in hand with our ancestors from 2000 years ago as we make the exciting pilgrimage from their homes all the way to the Temple. What games did they play along the way? Where did they camp out? Who did they meet upon arriving in Jerusalem? All that & so many more stories on this fun virtual tour! 

Water & Zionism

How did Israel evolve to become a world leader in water technology? Join me on a fascinating journey spanning the last 90 years to discover this answer.



Water Sources in Ancient Israel

Where did the residents of the land of Israel get their water from in ancient times? Come discover Israel's fascinating water sources dating back to 2000 & 3000 years ago!

The Road to Jerusalem

Explore the key battles that took place along the road to Jerusalem during the Independence War, and impacted Israel's borders until today.


Experience the tensions between the Jews and Romans as we make our way through the ancient Roman theatre, hippodrom, port & more.

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