Feeling the stones, experiencing their story


  • Ami is an expert and I told my parents that when the time comes for them to go to Israel they better use him. Absolutely unbelievable guide. And more importantly, friend.
    Kevin Lustig
  • Ami was an excellent tour guide who made Taglit even more memorable. Not only was he able to help show us what makes Israel great and important, but he did it in a way that invited all of us in the group to participate. ... Ami treated us as equals but he also treated us as friends and, long before the end of the trip, as Mishpucha, and I'm jealous of all the people who will get to see (and love) Israel through Ami's eyes.
    Heath Lenoble
  • Ami gave us an amazing day.. He bought history to life and had my kids engaged all day. He managed to keep everyone happy from the 4 year old to the adults (not an easy task). He had the right balance of fun and education. We highly recommend him!
    Sharona Schneid
  • My husband has brought many groups to Israel from his congregation. We have had excellent guides in the past so our standards are very high. Amy exceeded them. He is not only a fabulous teacher. He is flexible, patient and lots of fun. Literally every person in our group thought he was the perfect guide. We recommend him without exception.
    Judy Kahler
  • A truly fantastic tour guide! Ami is incredibly well read, bright, and captivating. I may not remember all of the fascinating facts Ami had shared with my Taglit group, but I still recall the way he could capture an audience with his stories. You won't have a dull moment with this tour guide!
    Nina Lounsbury
  • He was incredible and so knowledgeable about everything. He made my experience in Israel something I will never forget and I can't wait to return!
    Sara Rachelle Finger
  • My tour with Ami last year was incredible! My mother (a survivor ) myself and my son who was bar mitzved. The history that Ami was able to impart in the most interesting and learned way was wonderful. A life changing trip!
    Howard L Feigenbaum
  • Ami was my tour guide 6 years ago with birth right. He literally MADE the trip. I still remember this trip as one of the best. Ami knows everything there is to know about touring Israel.
    Matt Schulman
  • The best tour guide! He is a gem, any person looking for an experience with so much meaning should go [with] Ami!!
    Lizzy Liz