Feeling the stones, experiencing their story

Independence Hall

One of the cool things about historical sites isn’t just the older history that it represents. Rather, also the modern development of the site can be just (well, almost) as exciting. 

Independence Hall on the viby Rothschild Blvd, in Tel Aviv, does just that. The site at which David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence over 70 years ago, was almost forgotten about until 20 years ago. Barely even an afterthought. It started coming to life with visitors thanks to the Birthright program that started in the year 2000. Since then, almost every visitor from abroad has stood in this historical landmark and heard about the dramatic events that lead to the creation of the State of Israel. Of course, we’ll also experience the sites and original sounds from within the room where it really happened. 

Now we’re moving on to the next stage. The Museum was recently closed for major renovations. 3 years and 70 Million Shekel (roughly 20 Million Dollars) is the new big project. What’s it going to look like when the site reopens? Will we be able to actually talk to David Ben Gurion in the 21st Century? Maybe shake Golda Meir’s hand? We’ll just have to wait and see..

Whether it’s feeling the aura of the Western Wall, experiencing the history of the Church of the Holy Sepluchure, or enjoying the smells and sounds of the Arab Market. Jerusalem’s Old City will leave a lasting impression on whoever visits it.

Ancient coin relives our past

Minting coins is one of the ways that a people show their independence & nationality.
This 2000 year old coin is a call from those difficult times. The Jewish residence of Judea were trying to rid themselves of the Roman tyranny..Unfortunately, it ended badly for the Jewish people with the destruction of Jerusalem.

Dig for a Day family fun activity

Israel’s soil holds a lot of secrets in it. It’s out job to dig them up and discover them. Every year there are about 30 pre-designated sites that are dug up with professional Archaeological supervision. Amazing discoveries have been made that help to show us how are ancestors lived in their day to day life throught the highway of history.
Dig For a Day is a unique site in that it’s designated to be a family fun hands on activity, while at the same time being a real live dig with professional Archaeologists digging along with you. This attached video shows some of the digging fun that goes on in the caves at the Bet Guvrin National Park.